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Laura L. Schweikert
  • Community Events


    Fort Lauderdale Healthy Eating Support Group

    We start our meeting with check-ins, giving members the opportunity to talk about successes and challenges of the week. We follow this with the presentation of a topic the group has selected. This week's topic will be Superfoods. Superfoods are a...

    Psychic/Intuitive meet up and worship

    The Third Eye---psychic/intuitive meet up and workshop

    This is an awesome and very supportive group for lightworkers of all experience levels. During our meet ups we have indepth meditations, EXERCISES DESIGNED TO RAPIDLY INCREASE your abilities, deep discussions and thought exchangeS regarding...

    Deeper connections & Influence via the Senses using NLP

    Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) SoFla

    Did you know that there are 'secret languages of the mind' that are operating behind the scenes of all spoken language? These languages of the mind make up the mind's basic programming language and when you can detect & understand them you can...

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